How to add a featured center button to UIToolbar like fotovidia

iPhone version of fotovidia has a featured button at the center of toolbar. The user interface tells what is the primary action in the view.


Implementation of the component was inspired by this post found at iDev Recipes. The post demonstrates how to make a center button in a UITabBarController. I made a featured button for UIToolbar and provided an easy way to use the button in your code as EEToolbarCenterButton.

The code of EEToolbarCenterButton is found at my GitHub repo. It is provided under MIT license for you to use it in your project.

Feel free to use EEToolbarCenterButton, and if you find issues or feature requests, please create Issues at the GitHub repo or send pull requests. It would be nice if you try using fotovidia and find how EEToolbarCenterButton is used in it.

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