Easy 3 Steps

Easy 3 steps
There are only 3 steps to create your slideshow video.

  1. Select your photos.
  2. Select your music.
  3. Just tap a button.

After the 3 steps, fotovidia generates a slideshow for you in a sec. You don’t have to set effects one by one. Your slideshow is automatically styled and fit to your music. It’s like a magic!

Photo Organizer

This is the first step to create your slideshow. The photo organizer of fotovidia is very easy to use.

  • Tap Camera button to select photos from your photo library.
  • Tap Edit button to start ordering/deleting photos.
  • Drag a photo to move its location.
  • Tap X button to remove a photo.
  • Tap Text button to add text.

The photo organizer works as you expect. It doesn’t interrupt your creativity when you organize your photos and edit text.

Your Favorite Music

Your Favorite Music
This is the second step to create your slideshow. You can select your favorite music from your music library! The length of your slideshow is automatically scaled to match the music duration.

Supported audio types are:

  • m4a (DRM free)
  • mp3
  • aiff
  • wav

Just Tap to Produce Slideshow

Produce Slideshow
This is the final step to create your slideshow. After you select your photos and music, just tap “Play” button to create your slideshow. It’s automatically generated in a sec!

Two screen types, normal and wide screens, are supported by fotovidia. Normal screen has 3:2 aspect ratio for iPhone 4S or earlier devices to fit in the device screen, and 4:3 aspect ratio for iPhone 5 to export for iPad or traditional TV screen. Wide screen has 16:9 aspect ratio to fit in iPhone 5 screen and YouTube frame. You can switch the screen types for your purpose.

Full Controller

The slideshow player has play/pause, fast forward and rewind buttons as well as a slider for direct time control. You can play the slideshow like a normal video file with a video player. If you think “Oh, this part is pretty cool! I wanna watch it again right now,” then just rewind the slideshow to watch it again.

Export and Share

Export and Share
Export your fotovidia slideshow to a movie file, and share it with your friends and family! The exported movie is saved in your Camera Roll (Photos app), and YouTube app helps you upload your exported movie to YouTube.

The following size options are supported for the movie export:

  • Small size (240p)
  • Medium size (360p)
  • HD size (720p) – iPhone 4 or later only
  • HD size (1080p) – iPhone 4S or later only

Your Slideshows, Your Life!

Your slideshow, your life
You can make as many slideshows as you want, and fotovidia keeps them for you. All the slideshows are your precious memories. You will find your life in the slideshows.


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